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The New Zealand Chamber and MĀIA proudly present Negotiation - A women's perspective.

From MĀIA's pillar E tipu (Growing talent and nurturing mentor/mentee relationships within the network).

Negotiations are inherently part of every woman's life, yet in Singapore the varying cultural, gender and societal situations set a different context. One's ability to read the room, understand power dynamics, interpret emotions, and evaluate internal reactions can often be challenged. Learn from the best of the best, Claire Allen, a globally trained expert in the seven elements of negotiation, work through guiding frameworks, and come prepared to hear and share your stories for a thoroughly exciting and engaging session (followed by wine!)

Why should I attend?

  • Learn about an internationally recognised negotiation technique from an expert
  • Practice how to think logically and act proactively in difficult situations in a supportive environment
  • Test your ideas and approaches to negotiation
  • Learn from other inspirational women leaders about their real life negotiation troubles and successes.

Registration is essential.

NZ Wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served.