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In the first session, we explore how to truly 'sleep your way to the top' with Kiwi Sleep Scientist and high performance Sports Nutritionist Dr Richard Swinbourne from the Singapore Sports Institute. Dr Swinbourne and moderator Sebastien Barnard will be discussing how cutting edge research in Sleep Science is proving to be the often-overlooked key to success for top performing athletes, students and professionals alike.

Breakfast Of Champions is a new series of stimulating morning conversations. Moderated by GEMS, this 'before-work' series is designed with the 'corporate athlete' in mind.

Breakfast will be served by Baker & Cook and Allpress Coffee.
Members may bring guests at member prices.

Фев 20 2018


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Brettschneiders Baking and Cooking School
1 Greendale Ave - Singapore
Singapore, Bukit Timah

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B.O.C. - Non Member

Includes breakfast and coffee

B.O.C - NZ Chamber Member Guest

Includes breakfast and coffee. Member guest tickets must be purchased by current NZ Chamber members.

Цена для членов организации S$35
B.O.C. - NZ Chamber Member

Includes breakfast and coffee

Цена для членов организации S$35